Rainbow Bridge – Interstate 15

6:18 am – I had my camera in the front seat with me and I took a quick grab shot of this bridge that I have always called – “Rainbow Bridge.”  Turns out it has a official name – “The Lilac Bridge”.  It’s hard to tell from the photo, but this bridge is very high, maybe a couple of hundred feet above interstate 15.  It has always marked the entry to San Diego for me.  I did a quick Google search and here’s a little background on the bridge.

The Lilac Bridge over I-15 at the southern entrance to Bonsall and Fallbrook makes a great gateway to San Diego coming down south from Riverside County. This is the famous bridge that has dramatic soaring arch construction. The Lilac Road Bridge is a very dramatic and attractive bridge. It looks like a giant scythe poised over the roadway. The way the arch joins the deck looks organic, more like the way a plant grows than something made by humans. The bridge is also known as the Rainbow Bridge because of its arched shape.   The Lilac Road Bridge is a reinforced concretearch bridge in San Diego, California, built in 1978. It was designed by Caltrans architect William Wells

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