Grooming Up for Your First Date: Few Things To Think About

Getting excited and freaked out on your first dates is just a normal reaction. Now, to ease things down, you will have to think of several things that needs to be done before your date. To make it more savvy, you can write it down on a piece of paper and place it somewhere else where you can read it anytime. Now, here are the things that needed to be considered.

First is the free time schedule, and if you’re in still in high school you will have to select schedules during weekends. The best time to do the date would be in the afternoon, you know how parents work at this age so you better just choose afternoon rather than early evening. One thing also is to think about your pocket money, just in case the situation needs to call for it, so you better have some in your pockets, not that much but surely it will help.

Another to put in your list is the way you should groom up, so why care so much about dressing up or grooming? Remember, this your first date, so it must be perfect. When dressing up, try not to exaggerate everything by wearing tuxedo or business suit, you can choose three fourth sleeves and pair it up with black or white shirt under it. Simple, yet not trashy. For more tricks and tips, watch the video below.

What Do Women Really See In You?

Hey there, I’m Rick Phenicie! I am currently in London and I’m basking in the dating scene right now! To be honest, there’s no place on Earth like London, well, because, not to be quite frank but some women are quite picky here. A real challenge for your loving dater.

But then again, women in London are no different from other women in different parts of the world. Come to think of it, women here are just direct and more in-your-face than in most countries I’ve in (sans France; French women can be very direct). If you had to know something about women, maybe it’s better if it came from a woman herself.

Marni here is one of my best buds. She’s also well-travelled and had played cupid for many common friends of ours. These tips about women dating is something that you should look at when you’ve got time!

I’ve got more tips for you in here if you stay around!