Sharpwerks Knives - Fall 2011

David Sharp of Sharpwerks is at it again!  Check out these beautiful custom hand-made knives.  They have to be seen in person as the image just doesn’t relay the feel, balance and heft of these knives.  Awesome is all I can say.  My favorite is the small “Hunter” style – so nice!  David also has a new pry-bar tool that has a striker notch in it for his new ferrocerium rod’s.  I need one of these! ……be sure to hit the “continue reading” link….


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Sharpwerks Knives - Summer 2011

The following knives are designed and hand-built by David Sharp of Sharpwerks.  I just took the pictures.



Hit the “continue reading” link below for more Sharpwerks knives…

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I’m seeing in Black & White…..

Wine Barrels - Paso Robles, CA

I started playing around with a new plug-in (new for me anyway) from Nik Software called Silver EFEX Pro.  It’s a plug-in for Aperture and it has me seeing everything in black & white.  It’s actually a pretty cool piece of software.  I don’t even have to export my image, it just opens up from within Aperture and off I go.  I need to send these people some money, my demo expires in 2-weeks. :(

Newport Beach Pier

Sharpwerks Knives

The following knives are designed and hand-built by David Sharp of Sharpwerks.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!  May next year be awesome!

photo by Terry White…I wish it was mine!

Fall Color in So Cal

Sand Stone – Hwy 15

Route 66

We took a little drive yesterday on Route 66 looking for photo opportunities. Found the regulars, but also have a couple of new locations to go back and shoot.  I’m really loving my new Droid X phone, these images were shot with my cell phone – pretty amazing quality for a cell phone.

Bottle Tree Forest

It’s Father’s day and I’m on a road trip with my two daughters to nowhere special, just out having fun and were driving old Route 66 and we come across this – Elmer’s Bottle Tree Forest. Needless to say, I pulled the car over very quickly and grabbed my camera. I need to head back here when the sun’s low and the light is good. Lot’s of fun and kind-of strange at the same time. This is why you always have a camera with you – you never know what you might come across!

Planes of Fame